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2022 Taiwania Ultra Trail

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 [Perspective Insider: Qilan Secret Marathon]
Won the 54th TV Golden Bell Award, Non-Drama Photography Award

    Taiwan is mountainous, with steep terrain and rich ecological diversity. It is limited by mountain control, ecological and environmental protection policies, and typhoon earthquakes and earth-rock flows. The mountain forest cross-country events are not relatively developed. Whether we have long neglected ourselves and have a natural environment and characteristics, can we have cross-country events belonging to Taiwanese brands, and even become one of the international cross-country classics.

    The Qilan 100 Forest Road Cross Country Competition emphasizes the particularity of Taiwan's mountain forests and ecological diversity. The forest road transforms multiple values and presents the cross-country events belonging to Taiwan's impressions. It sells Taiwan, builds Taiwan's sports industry and enters the international arena!

    Open Taiwan's mountain forest, start from Qilan! Taiwan's cross-country race started from Qilan and ran to the world!
The Taiwanese three sisters, the tree that hit the moon, is the ecological indicator of Taiwan's alpine forests. The mountains are beautiful and the forest roads are quiet and natural, full of life and surprise. In the past, there was an initiative to advocate the World Heritage of the Qilan Mountain Forest. It is better to carry out an international cross-country mountain trail super marathon event with specific positive actions, so that the world can see the high and beautiful beauty of Qilan Taiwan Cedar, attracting worldwide attention.

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